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Message from Council Chairman Viv Grater (August 2018)

Fellow Lions,

District Governors Rocky, Peggy, Lyn, Freddie and I, were fortunate enough to be in Las Vegas for the Lions International Convention, and to hear and see our International President Gudrun Yngvdottir challenging Lions to move beyond their service barriers. She said if a horizon is viewed not as an unreachable limit, but rather as an evolving destination that can be reached through kindness and compassion, then together Lions can provide more good, to more people, than we ever thought possible.

Lions are indeed a proud organization. There is a feeling of pride shared among our members, knowing that our commitment to serve the needs of others is what has made us, and keeps us, the global leader in humanitarian service. It is the same pride that has sustained us for more than a hundred years.

As the largest service organization in the world, we are a force for good. And today, it’s up to Lions more than ever to lead the way and set an example that others can follow. Lions have proven what a community focused on humanitarian service can achieve. We’ve been the agents of good for more than 100 years. Now, as we move further into our second century of service, we must take the opportunity to exceed all expectations—including our own—and prove that we can continue our upward trajectory of service into and beyond the foreseeable future.

Our International President asks us to:

Navigate with purpose
Be strategic and comprehensive
Be flexible to the need to change
Be honest about our limitations
Make our service goal a reality

My fellow Lions THE HORIZON IS YOURS Go and get it. You’re a Lion.

Viv Grater
Chairman of the Council Of Governors
Lions Multiple District 410 (Southern Africa)



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