Lions Christmas Cakes
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Purchasing Lions Christmas Cakes helps to improve the lives of the less fortunate in communities across Southern Africa.  


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Payment terms:

Payment for Christmas cakes will now need to be made on a 30 day account basis as per normal business practices. In other words, what you receive in August, must be paid for by the last day of September. ALL CAKES ORDERED FOR NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER DELIVERIES <b>MUST</b> BE PAID FOR BY 31 DECEMBER!!&nbsp;<br>

Invoices will be emailed to the 2 email addresses supplied by the Club on the order form.<br>

Remember there will be a R5.00 per cake settlement discount for all Clubs that settle their accounts on time. Clubs will need to pay their accounts in full and the settlement discount will be paid into your account by the baker. In order to qualify for the settlement discount, payment must reflect in the baker’s account before the due date. Payments made on the due date will not qualify.

Complaint Procedure:

Complainant completes the complaint form. Minimum information required;

Batch number and production date - printed on inner packaging cellophane.

Photographs of problem i.e. mould, damaged cartons, damaged cakes.

Amount of cakes affected.

Complaint form and photographs sent to District Chairperson.

District Chairpersons record complaints and forwards to MD Cake Chairperson.

"No complaint form" = no complaint.

Kindly note: Deliveries will be made to a business address, where unannounced deliveries can be made between the hours of 08h00 and 16h00 Monday to Friday.

Christmas Cakes will be made available on a first come first served basis. In other words, cakes will be made available according to the date the order was received.

Clubs are responsible for following up on their cakes order. Clubs must also be aware of the requirements that were placed with their order.

To confirm your order, you can contact your relevant District Chairman for Christmas Cakes:

DISTRICT 410-E : District Chairman Garry Harris - Email:

DISTRICT 410-W : District Chairman Jeannie Van Wulven - Email:

Orders required by 31 July